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Siser Adhesive Film

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Siser PS Adhesive is just like the Siser PS range with an adhesive carrier side and a material side, but also has a pink protective layer, the pink layer must be removed before cutting.The Carrier side is much smoother and shinier than the material side. The material side is just a layer of transparent glue, but not just any glue, Siser PS Adhesive. This PS Adhesive can be used with any screen printing foils as well as fabrics and other materials that lend themselves to adhesion. The cloudy appearance of the PS Adhesive turns clear when applied, and can be cut on any Vinyl cutter.   Cut your design in reverse and weed, as the adhesive is clear it is best to do on a darker colour surface. Once you think you have removed all the excess adhesive flip over the design to make sure you have got it all. Now you are ready to press! Temperature: 135-150°C Pressure: Medium Pre heat your garment for 2-3 seconds to ensure there are no wrinkles. Place the adhesive with the carrier side face up, cover with a Teflon sheet and press for 5 seconds. Leave the garment on the heat press and peel the carrier hot. You will notice the clear shiny adhesive is left behind. Then its time to add the top layer....make sure you cut a piece large enough (eg: MT T.Foil) to cover the design. Place on top of the PS Adhesive with the colour side up, cover with the Teflon sheet and press for 10 seconds. You will see how the adhesive grips the foil. Remove the garment from the press and wait until the foil is cool to touch before peeling off. Now you will be rewarded with a shiny super cool garment!



Heat Press Settings:

Pre heat - 2-3 seconds

Temp - 135-150 degrees 

Pressure - Medium

Time - 5 seconds

Peel - Warm/cold